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winter wedding eve ultra lounge

Winter Weddings

Winter weddings can be beautiful, especially when the ice and snow sparkle on tree branches. They can also be less expensive for brides and grooms on a budget. Here are some tips to help you plan a winter wedding that everyone will enjoy. Food and Beverage Let’s face it, every wedding guest will judge your wedding…..

planning a holiday party

Planning a Holiday Party? Try Eve Ultra Lounge

Planning a holiday party that everyone will enjoy can become very expensive – especially if you want your party to stand out from all the others. Eve Ultra Lounge is the perfect place for anyone planning a holiday party on a budget. Our venue décor is clean and understated making it the perfect backdrop for any…..

Bar Mitzvah celebrations in Staten Island

Everything You Need to Know for Your Upcoming Bar Mitzvah Celebration

In Jewish Babylonian Aramaic, Bar (בַּר) translates to “son” (בֵּן), while bat (בַּת) means “daughter” and mitzvah (מִצְוָה) means “commandment”. Thus bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah literally translate to “son of commandment” and “daughter of commandment”. Jewish tweens (age 12 for girls) and teens (13 for boys) are expected to be Bat and Bar Mitzvahed to…..

Catering Halls in Staten Island

Things to Consider When Choosing a Staten Island Catering Hall

When it comes to making your event special, everything begins with your choice of catering hall. Savvy party planners will tell you that not all Staten Island catering halls are alike. Anyone who knows Staten Island can tell you that good food is plentiful so competition amongst Staten Island catering halls is fierce. So if you…..


Eve Ultra Weddings

Everyone loves a good wedding which is why couples worldwide often begin planning their wedding years in advance of the actual ceremony. There are many components to a good wedding. First of all the couple must be impeccably attired because every guest will be watching them from ceremony to reception. Next up are the venues for…..


My Super Sweet 16

E! News recently reported that MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen” aired a new show featuring Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter. The “over the top” Sweet 16 party included a concert by Nicki Minaj and birthday gifts of a BMW and Ferrari GTO. The story caught our attention because some of the Sweet 16’s thrown at Eve…..


Wedding Ceremony Halls

Wedding celebrations are a time honored tradition. Ever since the first couple uttered the words, “I do,” in front of witnesses, a celebration followed to wish the newlyweds well. Some wedding celebrations are formal and some are more relaxed. In New York City, where anything goes, the perfect wedding celebration is only limited by the imagination…..


Finding a Great Event Planner

There are ways to separate the professionals from the amateurs when it comes to finding an event planner. You’ll need to be able to know this distinction or your event may be unsuccessful. Before hiring an event planner, ask that person if he/she possesses other skills other than event planning. If the answer is no, then…..


The Entertainment Service for Your Private Party

The entertainment service in your private party is perhaps the most important element to throwing a memorable party. Choosing the perfect entertainment is a task that must not be taken lightly because it will either make your party or break it. Now I admit that the word ‘perfect’ is subjective, but if you’ve been in a…..


Nimble Event Planning

You had to leave things until the very last minute for planning that event, which caused you to Google ‘nimble event planning’ or ‘help me, my daughter’s Sweet 16 is a week away and I haven’t done anything because I was rooting for my favorite football team to get in the Superbowl.’ And in effect, you…..