Things to Consider When Choosing a Staten Island Catering Hall

Catering Halls in Staten Island

When it comes to making your event special, everything begins with your choice of catering hall. Savvy party planners will tell you that not all Staten Island catering halls are alike.

Anyone who knows Staten Island can tell you that good food is plentiful so competition amongst Staten Island catering halls is fierce. So if you know the food is great, what else should you look for when choosing a Staten Island catering hall for your next affair?

Here are a few tips from our experts:

1) Make sure that your menu matches your guests’ palate. Don’t assume that people attending a 50th Wedding Anniversary party will enjoy the same menu one would choose for a children’s birthday party. Hot dogs and hamburgers work great for the little ones, but grown-ups are sure to want a more sophisticated menu. Choose your menu items wisely so that all your guests enjoy the meal. We find that that a buffet menu works well for birthday parties from 1 to Sweet 16.

2) Make sure your entertainment makes sense for the room. Everyone loves music, but if the band or DJ comes with speakers that are too big for the room, it can make your guests uncomfortable. When choosing a Staten Island catering hall be sure to chose one that has its own sound equipment and stage.

3) Think outside the box when it comes to entertainment. Aerialists, magicians, harpists and live pop singers can take your party from good to great. If your catering hall doesn’t have connections to the type of entertainment you want, you need to find another Staten Island catering hall.

5) Ambience sets the tone for your party so find a catering hall that can support your style. So many Staten Island catering halls come either ornately decorated or with bare bones paneling and florescent ceiling lights. If you want your style to come through, choose a catering hall that offers a sleek, clean background and a variety of light colors that compliment whatever mood you want to set for your party. A clean, white canvas is always best.

6) Signature cocktails are always a hit at adult parties. Help your guests choose a cocktail they will enjoy by creating at least one signature cocktail for your event. If your event is a wedding, serve a signature cocktail chosen by each the bride and groom. We always recommend something light and simple to please many palates.

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