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Everyone loves a good wedding which is why couples worldwide often begin planning their wedding years in advance of the actual ceremony. There are many components to a good wedding. First of all the couple must be impeccably attired because every guest will be watching them from ceremony to reception. Next up are the venues for both the nuptials and the reception. The more breathtaking the backdrop the better chance your guests will come away feeling happy about sharing your special day with you.

Equally important is food and beverage. This is the one place where some couples scrimp in an effort to stretch their wedding budget. Our advice to those couples is to choose several quality food and beverage items which everyone will enjoy. The food doesn’t have to be complicated – it just has to be good. Guests would prefer to have a few tasty dishes rather than a smorgasboard of inedbile fare. That brings us to music and entertainment. Of course your guests will want to pay attention to you and your new spouse, but even the most doting grandmother or loyal friend needs something other than the couple to focus their attention upon. Quality entertainment is important. What is equally important is that the entertainment reflect the couple’s personality, be appropriate for everyone in the room and be easy to watch and hear.

Your wedding is the first opportunity for friends and family to understand you as a couple so it should reflect your combined personalities in each and every component. Creating a wedding that captures your personality is where Eve Ultra Wedding excels. We can work within every wedding budget to create an atmosphere that is unique to you and pleasing to your guests. Our venue is an elegant canvas to act as the perfect backdrop to your preferred adornment. Our outdoor oasis is perfect for a cocktail reception, cigar bar, shot bar or it can easily be transformed into an English tea garden where traditional nuptials can take place.

Our state of the art sound system and stage has been heralded by New York City’s top entertainers which is why they make themselves available to perform at an Eve Ultra Wedding. Our list of performers is long from traditional bands to noted DJ’s, aerialists and acrobats. If you want it at your wedding the planners ad Eve Ultra Wedding will get it for you within your budget.

Your wedding should be an event to remember for years to come. If you can execute the above mentioned components well, all your guests will remember your day as fondly as you do.

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