Finding a Great Event Planner

There are ways to separate the professionals from the amateurs when it comes to finding an event planner. You’ll need to be able to know this distinction or your event may be unsuccessful. Before hiring an event planner, ask that person if he/she possesses other skills other than event planning. If the answer is no, then you’re in danger of hiring an amateur event planner. If the answer is yes, then prepare to pat yourself on the back as you may have found a great event planner. But don’t celebrate yet as the next question will either make it or break it, “What are your other skills?” A great event planner must have several different skill sets in order to fully organize and execute the event of your desire. A great event planner is one with  the following qualities:

Exceptional handle on budget – your event planner must be able to tell you how your money is being used. Knowing the cost for each vendor your event planner hires on your behalf will give you the ease of mind that your money is being used wisely.

Has effective communication with others – the outcome of an event, whether its successful or not, depends upon the communication between services. Effective communication is your event planner’s most important task in making your dream event come true. Without effective communication, many things can go wrong. There can be confusion within the scheduling of food passing, entertainment services, etc.

Is able to recognize how to engage people – Your event planner will manage a diverse crowd of vendors, so it’s important to know to engage each and every vendor. Everyone needs to work together, collectively.

Has organization skills like you wouldn’t believe – If you’re not wowed by your event planner’s organization skills, then you need to find a new planner.

When you’re out shopping for a event planner, make it your mission to find an event planner that is properly endowed with those skills.

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