Nimble Event Planning

You had to leave things until the very last minute for planning that event, which caused you to Google ‘nimble event planning’ or ‘help me, my daughter’s Sweet 16 is a week away and I haven’t done anything because I was rooting for my favorite football team to get in the Superbowl.’ And in effect, you are now reading this. So I’ll be quick about this. Nimble event planning means doing the right research and asking the right questions. There are three things you must take into consideration if you want to speed up your event planning process.

1. Know the size of your guest list – You can narrow down your selection of event spaces if you know how many people you plan to invite to your event. If your guest list is 500, then you’ll need an event space that can accommodate 500 people. Make sure there are plenty of space for those 500 people to walk and dance freely.

2. Know what’s included in the booking fee – If you’re on a budget, then knowing what’s included in the booking fee will save you from surprise expenses. In addition, knowing what’s included in the booking fee will allow you to plan for things that are not included in the booking fee. If the booking fee doesn’t include a catering service, then off to Google you go.

3. Know what you can and cannot bring – Every event space has different rules and regulations, so make sure you ask what is allowed inside the party room and what is not. Avoid unnecessary hiccups.

Good luck.

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