How to Plan A Super Sweet 16

Your daughter’s 16th birthday only happens once, so this once in a lifetime moment should be made super. Here are some ideas for an over the top Sweet 16 party.

Location should match the theme of the party – A Sweet 16 with a theme has a clearer direction for where the party should be hosted. If your daughter loves to dance the night away, then choose an event space with celebrity DJs, highly energetic MCs, and a big dance floor. But even if an event space has those three elements, make sure you and your daughter enjoy the overall feel of that event space.

The invitations you send out to the guest will set the tone for the party – If you send out ordinary invitations, then your guests will have an “ordinary” impression. Create an invitation that reflects what you see in your daughter’s Sweet 16. If the party is candy themed, then send out invitations attached to candy. There can be a lot of fun and creativity thrown into an invitation. Brainstorm with your daughter! Also, ask if the event space offers invitation creation as a service. Some professional help will always make things easier.

The decor can increase the feel and ambiance of a Sweet 16 – Decor is what separates a Sweet 16 and a Super Sweet 16. Check out the lighting system within the event space if it can do anything special. Can the event space wash the walls of the party room with colors to your liking? Does the event space have custom GOBO? Are the tables within the event space beautifully set for a fancy dinner? The sky is not the limit when it comes to decorating the event space. You can add a bouquet of flowers and balloons at the center of each table, choose linen napkins and use real silverware, and place centerpieces that will inspire the theme to come alive.

The food and drinks served should be inspired by the theme of the party – Everything should flow together, even the food and drinks because a Super Sweet 16 is where everyone lives in a well-crafted magical moment.

The DJ and entertainment service will either break or make the event – The DJ you hire will either drive your daughter’s Sweet 16 to the next level of Super Sweet 16s or drive it to the ground. You’ll want a DJ that can bring the energy and fill it throughout the party room. Interview a few DJs and find the right one for you, or hire a celebrity DJ. Some event spaces may have connections to celebrity DJs. Ask and find out.

If you have all those elements crafted together, then your guests will love the party. But you can end on a higher note by giving out party favors. You can theme it your party or choose something that everyone will love. Here are a few ideas: gift cards for music downloads, personalized sackpacks, or 4×6 color photos of the guests upon arrival to the Sweet 16.

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