Winter Weddings

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Winter weddings can be beautiful, especially when the ice and snow sparkle on tree branches. They can also be less expensive for brides and grooms on a budget.
Here are some tips to help you plan a winter wedding that everyone will enjoy.

Food and Beverage
Let’s face it, every wedding guest will judge your wedding based on the quality of the food and beverages served. For winter weddings it is important that you provide your guests with a flavorful menu and custom cocktails as a thank you for braving the inclement weather to celebrate with you.
Eve Ultra Lounge suggests that you offer your guests a menu of hearty, comfort foods that are perfect for cold weather. Baked ziti, short ribs, lobster mac and cheese are all best enjoyed during cold weather. Signature cocktails such as Hot Toddy’s or Spiced Rum punch, will remind your guests of time spent in a luxurious ski lodge after swooshing down a mountain. These flavorful drinks are soothing on a cold winter evening.

Guest Attire
Snow and ice can wreak havoc on a fine pair of shoes, suit pants and gowns. If you are planning a winter wedding, consider including a note on your invitation that jeans and boots are perfectly acceptable attire. By encouraging your guests to dress appropriately for the weather, you will demonstrate to them that you are concerned for their comfort which will make them more likely to attend and enjoy your winter wedding.

Make sure that your wedding theme incorporates the weather outside. Think log cabin, ski lodge or Christmas village. Decorations can include crystal embedded branches, candles, pine trees and logs. Consider renting an electric fireplace to give your venue a cozy feel that will put your guests at ease.

Guest transportation and Accommodations
Consider renting a van or bus to transport elderly and disabled guests to and from your ceremony and venue. This will give both you and them peace of mind that they are travelling safely with a skilled driver. Even if you haven’t invited elderly or disabled guests, having a bus or taxi service engaged to transport guests who have overly enjoyed your signature cocktails is a great idea and well worth the added expense because it will give you peace of mind that everyone who attended your winter wedding arrived home safely.

If you prefer not to incur added transportation expenses, consider reserving a block of rooms in a nearby hotel so your guests have the option to stay overnight at their own expense. Work with your venue to arrange for cab service for any guest who feels that they need to be driven home at their own expense.

If you want to save money, avoid booking your winter wedding during holiday party season. Look at late January, February and March instead of December.
Make sure you schedule deliveries of any item you can, at least 72 hours prior to your wedding date. This will help to ensure that everything you planned to have at your wedding gets to the venue on time despite unpredictable weather.

Guest Gifts
Scarves, mittens and inexpensive umbrellas can make excellent winter wedding gifts that can be used immediately for your guests comfort. Remember that you will need one item per guest instead of per couple.

Let Eve Ultra Lounge help you plan an exceptional winter wedding that your guests will remember for years to come. Call us today at (718) 887-4404.

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