Choosing a Signature Cocktail for Your Event

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From sugary sweet ingredients to savory garnishes, cocktails are one of the more inclusive alcoholic beverages, and they are quickly diversifying. In events of all types, they are catered to guests in order to keep their conversations flowing nicely and the atmosphere light. However, not having the appropriate drinks for the setting is a slippery slope that could lead to an all in all mediocre experience. Nobody wants to indulge in a mimosa at a formal dinner party, considering the taste of it and the ambiance it would establish. Guests are more likely to want a citrusy, bitter drink paired with dinner than something sugary, which goes better with a brunch. If you’re having trouble finding the right drinks for your event, take a look below to see which cocktails should be used for birthdays, weddings, and bridal showers. 


Sweet for Summer


One cocktail you might consider serving at a birthday party is originally a Cuban highball drink; the mojito. These are a trifecta of sweet, citrus, and mint, which can be a blessing for fatigued guests in the hot Summer weather. The classic version of this signature cocktail is white rum paired with sugar and lime juice. It can be infused with mint leaves or simply have them as a garnish. It is also important to note that over-muddling the mint and lime juice will create an imbalance in the flavor. Using this technique for no more than 5 seconds will give it a memorably zesty taste. There are also variations of the mojito that you could use to coordinate a theme. Two ideas for this are the watermelon mojitos for a sunny, outdoor party, and the frosty coconut mojito for an event in a coastal location. No matter where you serve them, attendees are bound to enjoy its chilling effects and livening flavors. 


Classy Weddings


For any traditional wedding, an old fashioned is just the drink to fulfill your guests’ cocktail needs. This is a signature mix popular with formal affairs and is often served with whiskey, sugars, and bitters over ice. It has a charmingly bitter taste, topped with a twist of orange or lemon rind. Despite having been around since 1806, the original flavor of this drink has remained mostly loyal to its prototype, with few variations on it except for brandy and rum. It is even sometimes muddled with a maraschino cherry to sweeten it. Because the winding history of this drink aged so well, it makes for a delightfully classic beverage that invigorates the recipient. Weddings typically use this drink for the very reason that it is traditional, which can be part of the ongoing theme for the occasion. It is best paired with a savory appetizer such as blooming French onions or a spinach artichoke dip.


Bridal Showers


         Sangrias have all the requirements to be catered in a bridal shower: a red wine typically mixed with orange juice or brandy and containing chopped fruit. These ingredients create a deliciously potent punch for your guests to enjoy. It is perfect with fruits such as pineapples, strawberries, apples, and more, which shows the expansive coverage of sangrias. That being said, there are certain variations of this drink that should be used correctly for your event. For example, the original red wine sangria will do well at a traditional bridal shower, but the recent innovation of sangria blanca (sangria with white wine) will add more to the modern take on bridal showers. It might be important to know that the traditional sangria attracts older generations, while the sangria blanca attracts younger generations. Depending on your own age group and personal taste, you could maximize the amount of guests at your event.


The Takeaway


Cocktails are becoming more varied and more popular in events of all types. They are part of what fuels the guests in your event to keep them mingling, so it’s important to not only have a scrumptious signature cocktail available for them, but also for it to fit the time and location the event is held in. It is mostly overlooked that drinks can set up a lot for the climate of a party. You can keep your guests entertained with the newest flavors such as sangria blanca, or let them reminisce with an old fashioned. Even experiment by adding different fruits, garnishes, and mixers to your signature cocktails. But most importantly, these alcoholic beverages should be served responsibly so that everyone is safe to drink, as well as have a great time at your special occasion.





Creative Themes for Adult Birthday Parties

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Party themes aren’t just for kids. Themes are a fantastic way to unify all of the aspects of your birthday party, from the décor to the food, to the music, and the overall feel. There are classic themes that you’ve probably seen before, unique and unusual themes, and themes that are completely customized to you. The possibilities are endless, especially in locations with a lot of resources available to you like New York. Pick a theme that you love, and then find a venue that will suit it. EVE Ultra Lounge and Event Space has levels of customizable space as well as a catering service, so no matter what theme you decide on, you can have your birthday party in Staten Island in their space. Read on for some theme suggestions.



Turn your birthday party into a Hawaiian Luau. Pass out leis to the guests as they enter the venue. Decorate your party space with palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, coconuts, pineapples, and either real or fake tiki torches. For food and drink, contact a caterer to ask about kabobs, jerk chicken, coconut shrimp, or even a whole pig roast. Fruit salad with tropical fruits makes a great side dish. Mai tais, margaritas, and rum punch are classic tropical beverages.


“Young at Heart” 

Decorate your birthday just like you would for a kid. Pick princesses or dinosaurs, or whatever themes the closest party store to your location has. Give your guests goodie bags full of toys that are still fun to fidget with, like tops and bouncy balls. Have catering serve up finger foods that would make any kindergartner happy, that you also happen to love. Get the sweetest and most colorful cake you love. Just let your inner child out, with small adjustments so that adults will enjoy it.


Spa Day

Your birthday parties in Staten Island can feel like an escape to a peaceful getaway. Check spas in New York and head out to one with the best reviews. For a more budget-friendly option, find a venue rental and theme it around relaxation. Your catering service can help you come up with some light finger foods and calming drinks. Pass out bath bombs and face masks as party favors.

Taco Bar 

The caterer is key for this birthday party in Staten Island. Contact one about setting up a taco bar, which is a food station with all of the possible components for tacos so that guests can build their own. The freedom to make their own dishes will please every guest, and it’s fun. Theme the rest of the party around tacos, Mexican cuisine, or Mexican culture as well.


Pop Culture 

Theme your birthday party after your favorite book, movie, or television show. Peruse the media for any inspiration for any aspect of your party. The first one you’ll probably find is food since it features in almost every piece of media in existence. Use iconic imagery for décor. For some pieces of media, you can even ask guests to dress in costume.



This is one party you can definitely ask for people to dress up. Set the dress code as semi-formal or formal on your invitations, and encourage people to bring their own masks or hand them out as people enter. Find a venue in Staten Island that can offer a dance floor, and consider a live band for an authentic experience. EVE is a good choice for this with their flexibility and huge freedom of choice.

Backyard Barbecue

This birthday party could literally be in your backyard, though you’ll take a lot of stress off yourself by finding an outdoor venue and working with a caterer. Make sure to include all of the barbecue favorites, like hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, baked beans, cornbread, and so on. This theme is perfect for summer birthday parties in Staten Island.

The 80s

Find a local venue with a dance floor and plenty of space for neon décor. Ask a DJ to exclusively play hits from the 1980s. Tell guests to dress up and tease their hair. Vinyl records make versatile décor, either hanging on the wall, strung up to create curtains, or laid out on tables, maybe even under serving dishes.