Dance 101

Dance 101 is exactly what the name implies – the fundamentals of dance. Dancing, of course, is not just the moves, it’s the rhythm, and it’s the feeling that goes along with the beat.

Dance 101 combines the club environment, sound system, and dance floor with seasoned instructors who structure the classes. These instructors have many years of experience teaching as well as performing various genres of dance and choreography.

Our immediate goal is to work with the individuals at their pace to help them express themselves, learn the basics, and feel the joy of dance.

The overall goal is to utilize their new skills in an integrated club atmosphere, which will be held once a month at Eve Event Space.

Hour-long classes will take place every Tuseday, starting at 5 PM.

Club 101

Club 101 is an integrated club event at Eve Event Space that caters to everyone.

For Club 101’s grand opening, club-goers will enjoy complimentary popcorn & pretzels, take pictures at the photo booth, and best of all Have Fun!

The venue and dance floor will be a judgment-free zone for everyone to party. Club 101 is the perfect opportunity for Dance 101 members to show off their moves.

We will have staff throughout guiding and monitoring for red flags.

There will no alcohol served or visible during the event. Water, juice, soft drinks, and non-alcoholic daiquiri’s only. Club event registration is required. 


Parent/Legal Guardian Information


Q. What type of dancing will be taught?

A. Basic dance fundamentals and more. The program will practice moves and sequences to develop rhythm with teachings from seasoned instructors & choreographers. This program is geared toward integration and will be customized to meet the needs of attendees.  Salsa and other dance styles will be incorporated to switch gears and keep everyone engaged.

Q. Will food be provided?

A. Dance classes at Eve will not offer or provide any food or snacks. Club event grand opening will include popcorn and jumbo pretzels and 1 free juice or soft drink.

Q. What does the membership include?

A. $80 monthly membership fee includes weekly dance classes and participation into the monthly integrated club event.  

Q. How do I join the membership?

A. You can join by filling out the participation form and follow the instructions to register.

Q. Do you accept Self Direction?

A. Yes. We do accept Self Direction direct payment.

Q. Can I pay for an individual dance class?

A. No. We are only accepting memberships.

Q. Can I pay and participate in just one of the integrated club events?

A. Yes. Event info and price will be posted on the digital flyer and here on Eve website for each event.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

A. Yes. This is not a contract for any length of time.  If you choose to opt out, you can do so by emailing and we will process the cancellation at no additional cost.

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