Catering Halls in Staten Island - Benefits

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If there is one positive thing Staten Island is known for, it's food. The food and catering businesses in Staten Island are and always have been excellent in most cases. Of course, not all are created equal and you there are some important thinkgs you should consider when choosing a Catering Hall in Staten Island.


Of course when you are shopping around for Catering Halls (or anything), price is an important factor.

Choose a venue that is the most appropriate price for the amount of people you are looking to have and what they are offering. Does the venue you choose have their own catering in house or do they shop it out? In-house services will generally cut the price down.

Many banquet halls in Staten Island can also help you price wise by bundling affiliate services like photography, videography, flower arrangments, and anything else you can imagine. If you check out our extra features or affiliate vendors pages, you can see what EVE offers.

The aesthetics of EVE Event Space can morph depending on your party and guests.

The benefits of Staten Island Catering Halls

Staten Islanders very much know what they like. Interiors of the better Staten Island Catering Halls are modern and easy to customize for different needs. Aesthetic styles can range from modern to elegant and ornate. We tend to lean towards the modern creative direction with our interior design at the EVE Event Space.

We also offer many customization options so that you can have your party the way you want to have it. Customization options are fully described here but can range from indoor to outdoor parties, both, table arrangements, customized lights, signature drinks, and much more.

Of course, you can schedule a tour anytime.

Location, location, location

Guests tend to choose Staten Island venues for their private parties because of its location. Not only do many people live here, but it is accessible (especially in our neighborhood) from New Jersey and Brooklyn, Manhattan, etc.

Since Staten Island is relatively small, people who live here can choose from places all over the island. Event spaces know this and adapt to be better and better for their clients. You have an impressive selection of great catering halls when shopping around on Staten Island. It's worth taking a look.

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