Booking the “Best. Party. EVEr.” at Eve Event Space is a breeze

We all know planning an event can be stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun!  After being in the entertainment/hospitality industry for over 20 years, owners Giancarlo Lisi and Brian Portilla wanted to create an event space that had it all and made the party planning process simple and stress-free! Making it easy for you to get everything you need for the perfect party is what we do.

We have an ever-expanding network of party planners, musicians, decorators, photographers, and more. We have extra features that can fit in with any party and bring it to the next level.

Party planning process

Typically, when you plan a party, you first need to find the right venue, then the right DJ/entertainment company.  It is time-consuming to make all of these decisions and do the research.

There are so many these days claiming to be professional and trustworthy when, in truth, they don’t have the experience they claim to have. Good music is a key element to a great party. Make sure you get it right!

Theme party planning in Staten Island

A beach themed 1st Birthday Party

Theme parties and decorations

If you have a certain theme in mind and need assistance with custom décor, now you have to find a professional decorator as well.  Which all adds up to more time and stress!

If you don’t have a pro decorator to help out, you need to do research, choose a look, buy all of the decorations, and put them all up yourself. It’s a major pain, unless you are into that kind of thing, of course. Some people love it.

Planning an event is easier with Eve

Located in Staten Island, NY, Eve Event Space has joined forces with the tri-state area’s top entertainers, decorators, and event planners. We have partnerships with every agency you need to facilitate the perfect party without having to lift a finger!

The staff is highly professional and customer service driven.  Everyone is treated like family!  When planning your special day at Eve, you will work closely with the in-house party coordinator Melissa. She can customize your event and help you create your vision.  She will make sure no detail goes unnoticed!

Wine and cheese catering Staten Island

Full catering hall services

You don't have to worry about getting an outside service to cater the venue. Eve offers full catering services, located in-house.

Staten Island event space configuration options

Our space and configuration options

Eve Event Space is a multi-level, indoor/outdoor venue. We are equipped with state-of-the-art sound, intelligent lighting, TV’s, projectors and much more!

The venue offers both traditional table seating and lounge-style furniture. Eve also offers a long list of in-house “Extras” to give your party that special touch. Photo booths, confetti blasts, balloon drops, signature drink tables, red carpet entrance, aerialists, dancers, MC’s…the list goes on!

We have a full list of all of our extra party features right here for you to check out.

Get in touch with us today for a tour of the event space

Eve has changed the game when it comes to party planning, making it an easy and fun experience. If you have an event coming up, check out Eve Event Space and have the “Best. Party. EVEr.”