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    Planning a Catering Menu the Whole Party will Love

One of the most difficult aspects of planning any party, from a birthday party to a wedding reception, is creating a menu that everyone will enjoy. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think. When you use a catering hall in Staten Island, such as EVE, you can work with their catering service to come up with the perfect menu for everyone. We’ll discuss some tips here that will help you with that.

One thing to consider is the theme of your event. A casual birthday party will call for a different type of menu than a semi-formal work party, which is entirely different from the menu for a wedding reception. If your event has an overall theme it will be easier to come up with a menu that matches it. For example, if you’re having a child’s birthday party at a catering hall in Staten Island, the food will be simple and easy to eat while featuring a lot of options for adults. For something like a cocktail party, you’ll want finger foods that aren’t too filling.

Before settling on any food items, you’ll need to make contact with your guests to find out dietary restrictions or food allergies. You may decide to change your options based on this information, or consider providing multiple dish options. It’s common to have two entrees at an event, one with meat and one vegetarian or vegan. In the case of allergies, the catering staff will need to know as soon as possible. They’ll take precautions to make sure there’s no cross-contamination between the allergen-free foods and the other dishes.

Outside of allergies or restrictions, consider your guests’ preferences. They may not have a huge impact on the catering, but some adjustments might need to be made. If you find out that the guest list is almost completely filled by fitness buffs, offering an array of deep-fried and otherwise unhealthy foods probably won’t go over well. These situations could also be resolved by offering more than one option on the menu if you’re able to do that.

Another decision you’ll need to make at your rental catering hall in Staten Island is how the food will be served. A popular option for large events is a buffet-style meal, where all of the food is laid out and guests serve themselves. This is convenient and tends to be the most cost-effective, but it has a much more casual feel than other serving methods. A more formal option would be a sit-down meal. Catering staff will serve guests at their seat, and there will typically be more than one course. This is great for nicer occasions but does limit the time guests have for each dish and is usually the most expensive option.

Novelty methods of food service are becoming more popular such as the food bar – it’s similar to a buffet, but there is an array of ingredients for a certain dish. It could be a taco bar, nachos, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, salad, pasta, or anything else you can imagine guests putting together. Another fun serving option is a food truck. Food trucks are often available as rentals for events. They will park outside the venue, and you can choose if they are paid in advance for a certain amount of food or if each guest buys their meals individually.

If you take all of these things into consideration and contact your catering service about them, you’ll come up with a menu that everyone will love. Fitting the feel of the event, the restrictions, and preferences of the guests, and the method of service will guarantee a meal that works well and satisfies everyone. Consider contacting EVE to be your catering hall in Staten Island, and work with their own catering service to find what’s best for you.


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