Best. Party. Ever. 

We've put together some photos of our amazing venue, exciting events, and the overall atmosphere of some of the private parties that have been hosted at EVE recently. 
The main room at EVE
To the right, you’ll see photos of the main room of our event space. These are just some of the potential layouts for the room, as we work with each customer to ensure the layout works for their party.

Each event winds up having it’s own special flair with us – we’ll make sure each detail is special and that all of your decorations and special effects go off without a hitch.

If you’re more hands on, our event planners can stand back and help you bring the idea you already have to life.

Either way, we guarantee you’ll have an amazing time.
The Upper Lounge
The Upper Lounge at EVE is another great space, perfect for those who’d rather watch the dance floor than be on it. Open it up as a lounge area for guests, or add additional seating for cocktails and appetizers.

Our event planners can help you maximize this area alongside of the rest of your preferred layout.
EVE's Outdoor Oasis
The Outdoor Oasis at EVE is the perfect way to incorporate outdoor space into your event. Without a doubt, enjoying a cocktail with music and a nice breeze is a way to make sure everyone at your party has fun.

Our outdoor event space can be transformed into a variety of layouts, from formal dining space, to a party space and dancefloor, to a runway for outdoor fashion shows (seriously.)

Blend the indoor and outdoor space to create a truly unique experience for your guests, allowing them to spend time on the dance floor, then cool off with a drink outside.

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