Five Ways to Throw a Unique Sweet Sixteen

A sweet sixteen party can be the highlight of your teenage years. 16 has long been considered a coming-of-age – it’s when you can get your drivers license, you’re through your most awkward years and on your way to adulthood, and your only two years away from legally being an adult. With such an important milestone, how do you throw a party that stands out? Sweet sixteens in Staten Island have the potential to be once-in-a-lifetime events. Read on for some tips on how to have a Sweet 16 to remember. 

1. Pick a theme close to your heart.

All of the best parties have a theme that unifies the décor, food, and activities. The theme you choose is only limited to your imagination, but there are certainly some staples – luau, New York City nights, Las Vegas casino, Mardi Gras, and dozens of others you’ve probably seen before. Instead of falling back on an old favorite, stand out by theming your Sweet 16 in Staten Island around something that truly speaks to you. You could throw a party based on your favorite book or movie. You can focus on one of your hobbies, such as a painting party if you’re an artist or animal-themed if you love them. Make it specific to the location you grew up in. Pick a theme that lets everyone know exactly whose party it is, and it will stand out.

2. Find the perfect venue.

The venue can make or break your event. The default location for parties is usually your own home, which works well for a low key occasion with a small guest list. However, if you want to have a Sweet 16 to remember, you’ll need to upgrade. Decide on your guest list, then search for venues in Staten Island that are the right size. Take into account the layout of the building, their rules, and the atmosphere.

A great choice for everyone around Staten Island is EVE Ultra Lounge and Event Space. It has several levels of customizable spaces – it can suit whatever type of party you decide on. You can check on other local banquet halls as well, or you may find a club that has a space for rent.

3. Catering is a must.

Remember your childhood birthday parties, where parents were stuck in the kitchen or over the grill providing food for everyone? Give them the freedom to enjoy the party instead by using a catering service. Find one around Staten Island that serves the food you love or meets your dietary restrictions. Some rental facilities provide catering or have a list of caterers for you to choose from. EVE Ultra Lounge and Event Space is one location with its own catering service and a wide menu to choose from. Contact the chef and staff to come up with a unique menu perfectly suited to your tastes.

4. Get Live Entertainment

DJs are the most common choice for parties nowadays. Since they have access to any recorded music anyone could want, live entertainment has started to fall out of fashion. Your party will be memorable if you have a live band or other entertainers. If your sweet sixteen is in the Staten Island area, you’re guaranteed to find someone that matches the style you enjoy. Fit the music to your theme, as well. Make sure that your venue has room for performers.

5. Forego gifts in favor of donations

With all of the human knowledge at their fingertips in the form of technology, teenagers are becoming less and less focused on possessions. If you have everything you need and want, or the idea of getting presents just doesn’t excite you, consider having guests donate to a charity of your choice instead. A lot of people will request no presents on their party invitations, but guests tend to feel uncomfortable not bringing anything, so they end up carrying in a gift anyway. Donating to a charity relieves that pressure and gives them the option of just giving you a card letting you know they donated. Include a phrase on your invitations such as “In lieu of gifts, please donate money to (charity of your choice).” Or, “The honoree requests no gifts. If you would still like to get them something, consider donating to (charity of your choice).” Adjust the wording to fit the style of your party. 


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